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A wedding reception with The Big Band is as memorable as it gets! Long after the honeymoon is over, you and your families will remember the music that made your wedding reception special. The Big Band sets your reception apart from most others with classic romantic melodies that everyone loves as well as show and swing tunes that complement the celebration.

Following are some frequently asked questions about weddings and receptions.

  • Why is live music important? Wouldn't a DJ be less expensive?

    Think about it. Some of the least memorable moments of your life have been spent at wedding receptions with DJ's providing the music. The variety is there, but usually there is also a loud booming sound system used to enable the DJ to scream at the audience with a fake sense of excitement. Yes a DJ is less expensive, and looks that way, and sounds that way. With live music, the excitement is real and immediate, and the memory of your event will stand the test of a lifetime.

    The next step is the live music of a typical "Wedding Band". This is the generic 5 to 8 piece band that tries to be all things to all tastes. They play a little of this... and a little of that, sometimes well and sometimes badly. They look and sound like every other wedding band you ever heard and no one remembers them 3 days later.

    A Big band, on the other hand, may not play to all tastes, merely to yours. Fans of beach music or heavy metal might have their horizons broadened a bit as they are unlikely to hear a loud clanging guitar from a big band. It should be noted however, that they can hear Beach and Metal on the radio every day. A big band is special, impressive and different. Memories of the music will stand out in your guest's memories long after the last note is played. Weddings are all about memories and a full sized dance orchestra sets your event apart in ways that smaller ensembles simply cannot match.

    The vitality of live music, combined with the visual and aural excitement of a big band will make your wedding event the one that is remembered for all the right reasons.

  • How long should my reception last?

    We recommend about 3 hours. The first will be taken up by the band entertaining your guests while you are finishing up with pictures. The second hour for the important and memorable moments like the bride's first dance, the dance with father and the all important cutting of the cake. The 3rd hour is a "wind down" time from a very long day for all concerned. Its a chance to socialize with your well wishing friends, toss the bouquet and ESCAPE!
    The 3rd hour is a good time to gently close the bar and get designated drivers assigned.

  • I plan a traditional reception with many well known wedding conventions, how would your music fit into our plans?

    Important considerations would be music for:
  • Bride and Groom entrance into reception.
  • Bride's first dance with her new husband as Mr. & Mrs.
  • Bride's dance with father and father-in-law.
  • Fanfare for Cake Cutting
  • Drumroll/fanfare for bouquet toss
    We also can provide special music for ethnic traditions if needed.

  • Do you have suggested songs for the First Dance?

    Slow tunes that have stood the test of time include Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade", Carmichaels's "Star Dust" "The Nearness of You" Faster tunes could include: "The Best is Yet to Come", "Fly Me to the Moon" or "The Way You Look Tonight".

    These are a few among hundreds, including some contemporary tunes. If you wish special music, we can obtain or arrange most any special tune. There may be a charge for custom arranging but usually we can find the tunes you want.

  • Will you hold a date while I decide on the music?

    We will take an inquiry on your date and call you if another call on the date comes in. At that point, a decision will be needed immediately along with a deposit and signed contract if you wish to reserve the date. Our advice is to contract for your musical entertainment as soon as you book the hall for your reception. Remember that particularly in the Spring and Summer, there are many weddings.

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